Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch – A Knuckle Sandwich to the Taste Buds!

Buckle up – because two masters of taste have come together to create the ultimate nostalgic spiked beverage line! The one and only Guy Fieri, Mayor of Flavortown and Food Network star has teamed up with Two Roads Brewing Company’s renowned Master Brewer Phil Markowski. Their first creation? Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch!

Part of what will eventually be a full line of spiked beverages (stay tuned 👀), we kicked things off with Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch – a flavored malt beverage that is a knuckle sandwich to the taste buds. 

Each Flavortown Spiked will taste like a fresh cocktail made right in your kitchen – but each one has a unique road less traveled twist. Here’s what you can expect when you pop open your first can of Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch:

A Visual Fiesta:

When you pour out a Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch, you’re in for a treat for the eyes. A burst of bright red, courtesy of real fruits, will be the first thing you notice. There’s a touch of carbonation, adding a bit of effervescence to give some life to the canned cocktail.


Aromatherapy, Flavortown Style:

Close your eyes, take a whiff, and suddenly, you’re transported back to the good ol’ days of childhood fruit punches. It’s a fragrant symphony of tropical fruits, carefully chosen to play the nostalgia tune. Guy Fieri calls it “adult-kool aid,” and trust us, it’s a whiff of pure joy and a dash of grown-up fun!

Flavor Extravaganza:

Now, let’s talk about taste. Guava, orange, cranberry, and passionfruit join forces to create a knuckle sandwich for your taste buds. No artificial sweetness here – just the genuine, fruity goodness that makes every sip a road worth taking.

All Thriller, No Filler:

The use of real fruits isn’t just a choice. Two Roads has always used real fruit in their drinks – and Guy was on board. Orange’s citrusy zest and cranberry’s tart kick hit all the right notes. Every sip is refreshing and not too sweet so it will leave you wanting to take another trip to Flavortown. 

In a Nutshell:

Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch is more than a drink; it’s a culinary creation made by two masters in their industries. It’s a journey through familiar flavors, a dip into childhood memories, and a sip packed with Flavor.
Ready to embark on a flavor-packed journey? Click here to uncover the whereabouts of Flavortown Spiked near you.


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